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Omegay: Gertak Bubar DUN..Khalid Gagap mati pucuk!


Khalid Ibrahim is perplexing to play pokerhe wants to see BNs label so he sailangas a usual PKRs style that is to pre-empt anything.

As a BN supervision continues to put a heat on a antithesis as to when a ubiquitous choosing would be held, a oppositions have been testing a H2O by announcing to disintegrate Selangor state public two weeks after Chap Goh Meh.

Its not that a proclamation would have any difference to a oppositions in front of in a state or a BN, it is just a approach for a antithesis to lead a statute BN in to announcing a date for a retraction of Parliament to pave a approach for a 13th ubiquitous election.

Khalid is essentially being dictated by none alternative than his boss Anwar Ibrahim to pressure BN in to job a ubiquitous choosing as quick as probable as a oppositions have been right away feeling a rising temperature with electorate perfectionist for a fulfillment of their 2008 ubiquitous choosing pledges.

This is quite in Selangor where suits have been being filed conflicting a State Government for failure to deliver its promises after winning a state then.

Needless to say, a Selangor antithesis agreement supervision has so most weaknesses that it cannot wait longer to go to a pollsthe longer a polls have been held, a some-more damage it will face.

Right now, a Malay as well as Indian electorate have been great foul conflicting a state government, perfectionist a promises done to be fulfilled as well as most have already filed suits conflicting Khalid as well as his state government.

Before matters get worse as well as out of hand, Anwar feels it is improved to pressure BN to hold a ubiquitous choosing quick as a longer BN delays, a worse a oppositions have been in.

Right now, DAP as well as PAS have been not in in good conditions despite a leaders meeting any other, hugging any other, giving press statements like they have been in adore with any alternative though a being down underneath is totally a opposite.

Already PAS members as well as former members who have been still successful in their own ways have been protesting during a partys willingness or stupidity in following Pakatans liberalism as well as pluralism policies that obviously go conflicting a partys beliefs as well as struggle.

Add to that is a members dread with DAP in Penang led by CM Lim Guan Eng where he is obviously drawing a lines in between Christian as well as Islam, bursting members of a two parties right in-between along eremite as well as racial lines.

PAS members, who have been fundamentalists have been additionally indignant with a care for sacking former emissary boss who was a part of of a Syura Council Nasharuddin Mat Isa for being friendly with BN, quite Umno.

Despite Nik Aziz Nik Mats statement saying Nasharuddin could stick on any alternative party, a members during grassroot turn have been not going along with a preference as they know a outside palm involved.

They know who as well as what a objectives of this outside palm as well as they have been very wary as they know a partys intention of having party boss Abdul Hadi Awang as Prime Minister will be fiercely against if a antithesis agre! ement wi ns a ubiquitous election.

Given a scenario, it is no hiding a reasons why Khalid done a preference to disintegrate a Selangor State Assembly after Chap Goh May celebration, as Khalid is just following a instruction since by Anwar. - Beruang Biru

kehkehkehkeh TPM dengan pantas respon bahwa BN have been ready anytime babeh..khalid gagap pun tak sangka TPM kool macam biasak..klik sini...cuma teringat dulu fuckatan kerap cakap besar mintak kerajaan kalau berani bubar parlimen!..skang ape dah jadi?...telow selit kat mane bang? >XD