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Nik Aziz: Nasharuddin No Longer PAS Member After Expulsion From Council

Embattled former PAS deputy boss Nasharuddin Mat Isas exclusion from a Syura Council is tantamount to being sacked from a party, pronounced PAS devout confidant Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

He pronounced Nasharuddin need not wait for for for a minute from a celebration on a standing of his membership because his exclusion from a Syura Council automatically meant he was no longer a PAS member.

It is vaporous either he has received a minute from a Syura Council that he had been diminished or wait for for for reply on his standing of membership, a actuality still stands that a Lafaz Cerai (proclamation of divorce) has been finished with and he is strictly no longer a celebration member, he told reporters here Thursday.

PAS is Death!

Nasharuddin Bukan Lagi Ahli PAS - Nik Aziz