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An Ulama should regularly be common but they would titillate a truth.Whenever he's criticized,an Ulama should never get raged.Instead,he would explain a law calmly.However,those things have been never unequivocally practiced by PAS Ulama.Mursyidul Am PAS himself,which is pronounced to be a top Ulama in a party, is important for not carrying any of a characteristics above.Nik Aziz is important for being arrogant as well as poignant where he would get raged over anyone who criticized his actions.The same thing goes to PAS President,Datuk Seri Hadi Awang.Even worse,Hadi Awang is also a doormat as he did not brave to come up as well as yield any reason on a Amanat Kafir fatwa which he done himself three decades ago.Even though this emanate has been brought up by a mainstream media for a past integrate of days,Hadi Awang still sojourn quiet.Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan (MAIK) has done an central complaint opposite Hadi Awang.The letter was done after a assembly with a integrate of tok guru pondok as well as Kelantan's Mufti as well as Deputy Mufti.The assembly highlighted 8 matters which prove which Hadi Awang had brought misled idea to society,they embody :

1. idea which prayers does not count if it is being led by UMNO supporters.
2. idea which it is haram to eat anything which is slaughtered by UMNO supporters.
3. idea which matrimony is not central if it is conducted by kadhi or imam which is allocated by UMNO as well as a integrate would need to re-marry as soon as possible.
4. idea which matrimony would be in fasakh for integrate who support UMNO.
5. idea which a genocide of UMNO members would not have to be prayed, just like kafir o! r murtad .
6. idea which UMNO members cannot perform sembahyang jenazah for PAS/Muslim.
7. idea which UMNO members cannot be buried during Islam cemetery.
8. idea which a prayers performed by UMNO members have been not supposed by Allah SWT.

PAS is trying their best to cover this emanate with a forgive which a story is getting stale.If Hadi Awang insist in denying all a things he said,that he is a reason why people have been misguided,then who should be blamed for all a tragedy which happened in in between afterwards as well as right away ??? And who should be blamed for all a genocide in Memali tragedy, usually because they think which they have been fighting opposite kafir ??? Would Hadi Awang say which PAS supporters have been foolish for seeking during his summary in a wrong way ??? If yes,then he should come up as well as give a right explanation.So,PAS supporters should titillate Hadi Awang to come out from his hiding as well as face his own messages.It is not right for Hadi to keep this matter unresolved between his supporters.He should be responsible.