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Omegay: Akhirnya Mansorr akui kutuk guan siyal eng kaw2! >XD

PENANG Deputy Chief Minister (I) Datuk Mansor Othman yesterday admitted which he had called his boss, Lim Guan Eng, a cocky as well as arrogant person, as well as also likened him as a tokong (deity) in a assembly with local Chinese leaders in March.

The state Parti Keadilan Rakyat chairman, however, insists he had been taken out of context, saying which he had only marked down a arch minister such after he was led upon by questions thrown by multiform members in a meeting.

The emanate was initial brought to courtesy in Jun after damning pieces of what had transpired in a assembly were uploaded in a blog "Gelagat Anwar", sparking debates as well as causing uneasiness among Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

Mansor had allegedly marked down Lim as cocky, arrogant as well as a tokong during a closed-door meeting.

The emanate simmered after a series of denials but resurfaced after an alleged audio recording of a assembly was aired by a radio hire upon Monday night.

On Aug 24, Mansor pronounced he meant Lim was a revered figure in Penang when he oral a words tokong but which words similar to "cocky" as well as "arrogant" were taken out of context.

Two days ago, TV3 aired partial of a recording revealing those expect words oral during its news hour, further damning Mansor.

Recalling what had happened, Mansor said: "It was an internal assembly organised by a organisation of PKR leaders to discuss a general elections. we now recollect there were leading questions which done me answer which way.

Mansor was certain which there have been people after his in front of as well as this was an try by these quarters out to get him.

I placed my certitude in this organisation of peopl! e who as ked for a assembly with me. we trusted them when we had our discussion. we didnt expect them to do this to me, he told The Malay Mail.

Upset which a minutes of a assembly had been leaked out, Mansor pronounced a celebration was close to nabbing a culprit as well as disciplinary movement would be taken against him.

"This is a serious matter, pronounced a 59-year-old, adding which he was ready to move upon from this emanate given it was partial of politics.

Asked why he referred to upsetting things about Lim, Mansor pronounced he did not meant to be disrespectful.

It was a typical conversation where we have per your bosses sometimes. You dont meant it to sound bad.

Lim, Mansor as well as a Penang Pakatan Rakyat supervision had been under conflict by Barisan Nasional politicians as well as pro-establishment bloggers ever given a emanate was initial highlighted, claiming which there was serious difference in a state leadership.

Political observers remarkable which Mansor himself had been keeping a low form given then.

PKR grassroots members, however, have been blaming Mansors stream difficulty to factions inside of a celebration itself.

A celebration insider pronounced a assembly articulate points were leaked as a ploy to bring Mansor down by formulating a difference with associate PR parties.

The source added which Mansor should also "wake up" as well as be some-more alert of a attempts to topple him.

He should know this as well as not have stupid moves which can imperil his position. This is not a initial time he has done such mistakes, pronounced a source. - MM

p/s: kehkehkehkeh jage2 le mansor..bontot ko nak kene robek dengan anuwar pandikutti >:]