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A sex video involving sex addict Anwar Ibrahim as well as Shamsidar Taharin, a mother of PKR leader Azmin Ali, is set to raze a nation.The sex video, that is pronounced to show Anwar as well as Shamsidar carrying oral sex, has turn a hottest topic in a city.

The video fasten was handed by S.Nallakaruppan who is facing a RM100million fit filed against him by Anwar only hours ago to his counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah in a presence of reporters.

He told his counsel during a Kuala Lumpur court complex to take caring of this properly as well as handed over a fasten in a hermetic brownish-red envelope.

Nalakaruppan pronounced he would exhibit a calm of a video in open court though when pressed by a reporters what a video showed, he said: Ice cream.The additional marital attribute in between Anwar as well as Shamsidar has prolonged been openly talked about.

Azmin has been indicted of sacrificing his mother to gain a affection of Anwar as well as has never denied a ties in between his mother as well as Anwar, solely to describe such talk as gutter politics.

Well, we can expect fans of Anwar to dismiss a video as another impersonation of Anwar though certainly its difficult removing another Shamsidar look-alike, wouldnt we say?Well, there will be more videos entrance this approach soon. Watch this space! You need copiousness of popcorns since a videos are pier up! read more..