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Top 10 Girls in Year 2011

Yet another year flies by as well as Daily Lenglui would like to take this opportunity to instruct all the followers the Happy New Year 2012 as well as appreciate you for your await throughout! 2011 was filled with plenty of ups as well as downs as well as lessons learned.

Our site has been all self-support all this while from Google Ads until it was criminialized this year. It was the saddest as well as darkest impulse in the life. Our pick is to try out other ads publishers though we'll need to own the tip turn domain, so you paid for

Switching over to the brand brand new domain is elementary until you found out which PicasaWeb (our giveaway picture hosting site from Google) actually has the monthly bandwidth use limitation for non sites. So you had no preference though to put the brand brand new domain upon reason until you sourced for the arguable picture hosting suitable for trade mainly for Middle East Pacific.

We tried some, as well as got burnt for over usage. Ended up with the bill of roughly $300 for > 1,000 GB of bandwidth usage. Right now, we're still perplexing to establish the right suitable hosting as well as have outlayed most hours late during night. It'll be great if you can await us by making the concession for the hard-work. We adore all donations, both small as well as BIG, it's the thoughts which count! By donating you'll enable us to keep doing what you adore as well as the girls will never stop thanking you.

So anyway, seeking behind through 2011, here's the Top 10 discerning summation of the small of the Most Popular, Prettiest, Sexiest as well as Hottest Girls of 2011. (* formed upon most Pageviews picked up from the Google Analytics)

1. Yoyo Xu ! Xiangtin g from Taiwan

Surprisingly, the incredibly shapely Yoyo Xu Xiangting still tops the Top 10 list. Yoyo became an Internet prodigy after the large set of her personal insinuate photos were hacked. Yoyo is still crowned as the best-selling Most Popular Girl in 2011 for the 2nd year in the row!

2. Gan Lulu from Beijing, China

Controversial Gan Lulu who became the single of the most search topic after Lulu's unfortunate mom uploaded the video of Lulu walking out of the showering naked. To benefit quick fame as well as popularity, Lulu is really not camera bashful as well as often took inventive photos wearing roughly nothing - together with her mom too (in case you're interested).

3. Wang Jia Yun from Guangdong, China

Wang Jia Yun is the single of the tip searched keyword in 2011 for her resemblance of the live action blow-up doll (). Online users were particularly drawn to her roughly "unreal" beauty, prompting the discuss over either the picture-perfect girl is the tellurian or the doll.

4. Oh In Hye from Seoul, South Korea

Little well known newcomer Korean singer Oh In Hye became an overnight prodigy right after she ! walked d own the red runner during the 16th Busan International Film Festival in the adventurous orange Grecian skirt which drew everyone's attention. Her overly sexy skirt which unprotected her bust line roughly completely, blew her name up in the media instantly.

5. Cica Zhou Wei Tong from Guizhou, China

Cica Zhou Wei Tong is the single of the really few China tip models which excels not usually in mainland though across to Taiwan as well as Japan too. Cica released her initial Japanese photo album "Loveing, Cica" with high resolution photos of her half-naked physique as well as thin wardrobe which exudes her prohibited body.

6. Vienna Lin from Hong Kong

Vienna Lin quick rose to fame after plainly demonstrated her moaning as well as verbal insinuate techniques upon the guy's finger in multiform online videos. Vienna was even hired to dub over for the important Japanese AV actress, Saori Sara ( ) for the initial 3D AV show, 3D . Vienna's moaning skills isn't put in to rubbish after-all! Though she might not be really pretty, though she is really bold, adventurous as well as has the 'skills'.

7. Viann Zhang Xinyu from Suzhou, China

Viann Zhang Xinyu is the prohibited seeking Chinese indication presumably the subsequent Fan Bingbing () as well as hailed as ! the #1 B eauty from Suzhou. Zhang Xinyu is becoming the single of the quick taking flight star in China. It was additionally reported which Zhang Xinyu is secretly dating Ron Ng Cheuk Hei , the Hong Kong TVB actor.

8. Charmian Chen from Taiwan

Charmian Chen, the 22-years aged student as well as indication from Taiwan, was upon the legal holiday visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali when dual monkeys motionless she was the small overdressed as well as pulled her skirt down. This annoying incident done Charmian the tellurian star!

9. Elly Tran Ha from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Elly Tran Ha (otherwise well known as Elly Kim Hong, ), is the flattering Vietnamese indication who recently got important upon the Internet as her photos are circulated. Elly stands during 1.68m high with the figure of 37-24-35, she positively stirred up the imagination of many.

10. Isabella Yang Qihan from Shandong, China

Online celebrity, model, singer as well as singer Isabella Yang Qihan , innate as well as lifted in the musical family as well as has great talents upon music, dancing as well as acting. Isabella graduated from the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing with an superb performance.

Meanwhile, for th! e subseq uent Top 10 Most Rated Girls of 2011 (* formed upon the star rating engine)

1. Yoyo Xu Xiangting from Taiwan

No disbelief Yoyo Xu Xiangting is again tip the draft for the Most Rated Girls of 2011 with an normal rating of 4.26/5 (Total Votes: 125 votes).

2. Wang Jia Yun from Guangdong, China

This year tip contender Wang Jia Yun has won the hearts of most as well as managed to land the second mark with an normal rating of 4.11/5 (Total Votes: 55 votes).

3. Elly Tran Ha from Vietnam

Elly Tran Ha is the single of the hottest Vietnamese indication with an enviable lovable face, petite as well as shapely F-cup body. Elly really stirs up your imagination as well as moves up to the #3 mark with an normal rating of 4.41/5 (Total Votes: 51 votes).

4. Cherlin Tan Tzia Tzia from KL, Malaysia

Cherlin Tan Tzia Tzia, the prohibited physique blogger from Malaysia surprised us by reaching the 4th mark of the Most Rated Girls in 2011 with the low normal rating of 2.37/5 (Total Votes: 49 votes)! .

5. Jane Chuckei from KL, Malaysia

Popular flattering blogger from Malaysia, Jane Chuckei who was formerly upon the #3 mark maintains her tip 5 in front of this year with an normal rating of 4.23/5 (Total Votes: 46 votes).

6. Alina Xu Zhiqi from Taiwan

Alina Xu Zhiqi , the churned descent beauty pageant representing Taiwan with the body-to-die-for, height as well as the stunning Eurasian face. Alina drops to the #6 mark with an normal rating of 3.67/5 (Total Votes: 40).

7. Dawn Yang from Singapore

Dawn Yang, the renouned Singaporean blogger who well known for her great looks from cosmetic operation maintains her mark with the low normal rating of 2.75/5 (Total Votes: 40) - Haters?

8. Vienna Lin

Vienna Lin drops somewhat to the #8 mark in the Top 10 Most Rated Girls 2011 with her moaning 'skills' during an normal rating of 4/5 (Total Votes: 38).

9. Michelle Quek from Singapore

Michelle Quek, the renouned as well as flattering lifestyle blogger from Singapore crawled in to the #9 mark with an normal rating of 2.95/5 (Total Votes: 37).

10. Christine X-tin Lim from Singapore

Christine Lim or better well known as x-tin is the super prohibited blogger from Singapore. If usually you can actually combine upon her face, you'll find which she has the span of HUGE beautiful eyes as well as perfect complexion! Christine done it to the last mark of the Top 10 Most Rated Girls 2011 with an normal of 3.22/5 (Total Votes: 36)